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$ 99 / year


$ 999 / year 



i Total amount of acres included in a bulk that comes with the subscription which you can use on any of the EagleEye analyses.

Included FREE acres

20 100 1,000    

i This is the cost of each analyzed acre which you will pay after you have used all your initially included acres.

Price per additional acre 

$2 $1.5 $1.25    

i Each higher subscription plan offers higher processing priority.

Processing priority 

 +  ++  +++    

i Minimum billing unit per analysis (if you submit a smaller area, it will be rounded up to this amount).

Minimum value per analysis

 10 acres  10 acres  20 acres    

i Get professional advice from our drone and mapping experts, as well as our internal agronomists via email, chat or our carefully crafted knowledge base.


 Support Docs, email  Support Docs, email, chat  Support Docs, email, chat    

Plant counting analyses

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Plant health monitoring analyses

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i Upload, analyze and manage maps all in one place and ensure maximum efficiency.

Results and field management


i Obtain field’s shapefile, which contains the detailed results layer and thus provide a visual representation of the numbers and results displayed in their report.



i Add your comments to your reports and share tips and insights with colleagues and clients, such as noticeable changes in the field or treatment recommendation.

Recommendation entry


i Share your map and results with clients, colleagues and anyone you like by letting them see and navigate through the map directly from the EagleEye app.

Map and result sharing


i Compare different maps on the same screen, and view them either next to each other or layered one on top of the other to show clients the differences and successfully track progress.

Map comparison


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