About us

An intuitive agricultural sensing and analysis platform developed for farmers, drone operators and consultants delivering relevant, insightful, and actionable analysis for crop and land management.

About us

We took our flight 70 years ago as MANA and has been on the rise ever since.

We changed our name into Adama, but the vision remained the same: to move farming forward through simple, practical and innovative solutions in crop protection and beyond. We support farmers to get things done in their businesses and beyond – from sowing to sales, from their labor in the field to their families, their partnerships and raising their status in society.

We want to build close relationships with farmers by being honest, open and agile. For doing this, we use digital technology to build and run a powerful network that brings people together and influences farming behavior across the world.

That is why we launched a new technology brand, ADAMA Eagle Eye powered by Agremo. It is the latest Precision agriculture advancement backed by the cutting-edge technologies - AI, machine learning and computer vision. Prior to the launch of this partnership, Agremo has successfully applied this tech in more than 100 countries on more than 100 plant species, for various plant counting and plant health analytics. Insights from this web-based tool lead to lower production costs and higher yields for growers looking to turn their drone-collected images into actionable and accurate data.



Together, we made amazing things happen:

  • Through our emerging platforms in fast-growing markets, we can quickly reach and impact farmers in all parts of the world.
  • We empower our people to help farmers do the same again – on a global scale.
  • Work hand-in-hand with farmers and farming to: Simply. Grow. Together.

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At ADAMA, we strive for a world where everybody has food security, and everybody in farming has a fulfilling and rewarding life. Sounds impossible? Many share this vision with us, but we do it differently.

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